Caspian Environmental Laboratory
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The Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure Test (TCLP) is used for waste toxicity characteristic testing. TCLP is designed to determine the mobility of both inorganic and organic analytes present in liquid, solid, and other type wastes. Leaching procedure measures how likely it is that toxic chemicals will leach out of a waste in acidic landfill conditions. If the waste exceeds threshold TCLP levels for characteristic chemicals, the waste is assess as dangerous.
CEL provides a full range of testing capabilities to support the classification of waste according to European legislation and environmentally responsible waste management programs. Our specialized analytical tests provide physicochemical and biological characterization of waste in order to establish proper techniques for its handling, treatment and disposal.

The type of samples we obtain for testing are:

- Construction and building materials
- Fly and Bottom ash
- Treated cutting
- Sludge