Caspian Environmental Laboratory
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One of the important aspects of analytical work is the proper collection of representative sample. CEL performs a wide range of sampling followed by chemical and microbiological analysis at its accredited testing laboratory. Qualified specialists of the laboratory can perform sampling of various type aqueous (drinking, waste, sewage, lake, river, sea water, groundwater) and solid (soil, sediment, sludge) samples. Moreover, our specialists can conduct variety of field analyses. CEL’s field analysis capabilities include, but are not limited to, temperature, pH, chlorine, dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solids, conductivity, salinity and turbidity. We maintain high levels of standards for equipment calibration and maintenance to ensure the most accurate results possible.
CEL also provides sampling and shipping containers appropriate for the specific analysis requested at No Charge to you in case if you wish to collect the samples yourself and ship them to our facility. Please contact the lab prior to collecting samples, to make sure that the samples will be collected into the correct container. Many analyses have very stringent sample container, preservation requirements or limited holding times prior to analysis.
CEL’s project managers will work with you to manage all of your sampling and analysis needs to make your project a success.