Caspian Environmental Laboratory
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Knowing the quality of water is essential for anyone. Whether your water is being used for human consumption, irrigation purposes, discharge, fish growth or others purposes, let us help you determine the quality of your water. Caspian Environmental Laboratory is certified laboratory which offers a high quality water analysis services. It's one of our specialist testing areas. We provide water testing services to meet the unique needs of all of our customers. We can analyse an extensive range of sample matrices from drinking to oily water. Water testing includes physical, chemical (inorganic and organic testing suites) and microbiological analyses of wide range pollutants.

The type of samples we obtain for testing are:

- Sea water/Brackish water
- Groundwater
- Surface water
- Drinking water
- Bottled water
- Domestic water
- Irrigation water
- Waste water
- Process and cooling water
- Produced water
- Oily water
- Leachate test